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Pershore Abbey

This is our showpiece venue. The Bands really enjoy playing in this wonderful Abbey which dates back to the 11th century. You can listen to the bands in the Abbey until 10pm. If it's a hot day you might find it a little cooler at this venue. 

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The Angel Inn & Gardens

This is one of our main venues with bands playing right up until 10pm in a Marquee. This venue, with its bar and food van and trade stalls, can be a quite informal and enjoyable way to enjoy the bands, particularly on a fine summers evening by the peaceful river Avon.

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Chapman Court

This is the area in front of the town's ASDA supermarket. It is named after William T Chapman the Headmaster of the Boys School in the town in the 1930s. This is a public space and no ticket is required to stop and listen to the bands playing. Here you can enjoy many different bands including some of the best bands in the country until 5.30pm.

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