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A message from the Chair.

2020 has been a most difficult and frustrating year.  So many wonderful events just didn’t happen.

After careful consideration we at Pershore Midsummer Brass have taken the decision that, notwithstanding the roll out of a vaccine, there will be little chance of running a successful event in 2021. 

We appreciate the difficulties that so many bands have had, having not been able to gather together and, whilst ZOOM is really quite amazing, it is not the same as a full face to face band practice.

We sincerely hope that in 2021 we will begin to see a resumption of something that equates to ‘normality’ with all the Arts being able to start and provide much needed entertainment and that live music will once again start to be heard everywhere.

However unless we can be assured of full band participation with their usual high standard of music it would be counter-productive to run a less than successful event.

We must also bear in mind that there could be a general reticence of the public to meet openly and therefore income from ticket sales could plummet.

It has to be remembered that even before the first note is played there is considerable expense in setting up our event with costs of hiring marquees, venues, equipment and insurance etc.; all of which runs to many hundreds, (if not a few thousand), pounds.

We ask that you please bear with us as we look forward to re-commencing the wonderful ‘Pershore Midsummer Brass’ just as soon as it is practicable.

We always value feedback and helpful comment.  Should you wish to contact us please follow the link on the website: and if you would like to be involved please contact us.

Pershore Midsummer Brass Committee



Have you enjoyed reading about us, or attending past events?  These can only happen with the support of volunteers.  There is a very small committee who run Pershore Midsummer Brass and we need you!!  Can you spare 2 hours or more to help 'On The Day' by selling tickets and programmes or stewarding at one of the venues? Perhaps you could be one of our venue Performance Managers? 

We also need help before on the Friday afternoon to set up the venues but also on the Sunday morning to take everything down and put back into storage - mentioning which, do you have a small watertight space, close to Pershore, you might consider lending to us in which to store our equipment?  It needs to be secure with 24/7 access and capable of storing chairs, marquees, signage, ticket booths, lighting and PA equipment.

Perhaps you feel you could contribute as a committee member? We need positive people who are prepared to be of practical help in putting together the events.  Hard work and the major planning for July happens from January at our monthly meetings in Pershore.

If you can help us in any way please complete the form on the Contact page.  Thank you in advance!!